'I heard that soon there will be no more land.'

'Really? That might be a beautiful thing-'

Under the moon, two pieces of snow are falling slowly.

'I'd rather land on the sea.'

'You dislike lands?'

'I do like forests and grasslands, but how many times did you really land on the land? Always rooftops, telegraph poles, cars, and mean humans.'

'Yeah,' answered the gray snow, 'Wait, you don't like people?'

'People are selfish and crave for living,' said the white snow, 'Once I was falling to an island, I saw a person ate another person just to live. And there was another time, I fell into an alley, I saw a person killed one of their kind, took the money just for living. Not for long, another person with a gun rushed into the alley and, "boom!", killed the person who killed.'

'People love living,' said the gray snow, 'There are many things that cannot be changed - you will understand.'

'Why don't they love falling?'

'Well,' said the gray snow, 'I don't know.'

The gray snow recollects something.

'Well, few years ago, I fell on a person's body - '

'That was rather strange. I was about land, and I thought I would have fallen on a road with no one on it, but a person fell from the rooftop in a sudden. The way he fell was faster than mine. He passed me in a blink. I was then hit by his floating tear in the air, and he landed.'

'I talked with the tear and the tear told me the person's story - he was a murderer, so he died. People wouldn't play with him because he was a murderer. They just wanted to kill him. Only children would play with him, so he landed.'

'I'd like to chat a bit more with the tear, but it was too late. We landed very soon on a red-coloured puddle filled with warmth, and then I melt immediately.'

'Why wouldn't he keep playing with children?'

'I too asked the tear,' answers the gray snow. 'The tear said, "Children have grown up."'

The white snow shivers in the air.

'Where will we land this time? By the sea?'

It takes a long time before the white snow can ask anything.

'Neither do I know,' the gray snow answers, 'But since there is still the land, I think there are still time for us.'


The gray snow and the white snow are about to land. They are among the first snowflakes to arrive to the land.

A little human girl finds them at first, and looks up to the sky in surprise.

Then, people on lands raise their heads. They are as surprised as children.



written on a train to Izu Peninsula, 2016 summer

(original Chinese version published on LIBERTY TIMES, 2019)


(Photo: Nero Huang)

Nero Huang





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